Faizul Ridzuan knows how to invest. And he makes it look easy. This regular employee turned RM2,000 seed capital into a multi-million property portfolio in just 5 years, with 23 properties purchased to date. In this book, he tells how he does this, with vivid details based from his very own experience.

In this book, he shares his unique stories on how he :

  • Purchase properties using zero or little money
  • Making over 1000% returns on capital in less than 3 years
  • Consistently able to identify properties that gives double digit rental yields
  • Making RM100,000 in profits over 18 months without putting a single cent
  • Creating a million-dollar portfolio
  • Creates an investment framework that allows investors to invest systematically, and safely
  • Save thousands in seminar or education fees and get your own property-millionaires as mentor to guide you, for FREE!

This is not your ‘property investment 101’ but more of an inspirational read on how an’ guy next door’ salary man managed to build a multi-million RM property portfolio with little money but an analytical mind and exceptional touch in find property gems. It serves to reinforce that 9 to fivers can build massive passive income through discipline, clear goals and determination.

The book like the author is unassuming, not pretentious and approachable by both beginners and seasoned investors alike. It provides valuable insights on author’s thought process behind his midas touch, like APE framework and the importance of doing SMART goals.
- Bernard Chin

A great book which gives you insights of how one can expand their mind and continuously challenge themselves to do not only their best in property investing but also in life generally. The real life examples are the best as it definitely proves that it can and has been done, and not merely theoretical knowledge. Faizul, thanks for making this book such an interesting read!
- Anu Ruben

Picked up your book yesterday and I could not put it down and finished it within 2 seating’s in 2 days. For someone who reads less than 1 book every year this shocked even me. I really like the way you narrate how you made it without a hint of boastfulness. Kudos!
- Mark Ong

Four things I love about this book:
1. Its honest and down-to-earth
2. It's really inspiring. (Local boy makes it good locally, starting out with virtually nothing!!!)
3. Its damn funny
4. Its CHEAP!!! for the amount of wisdom he shares

1 Thing I don't like about the book:
1. It came out 15 years too late for me. :'(.
- Sreenivas Naidu

This book should be a text book available in all secondary school!
- Zaidi Ismail

The great thing about the book is everyone can relate to it. No ego, no asking u to part with any money, no comparing whose tool is longer and no nonsense. Very down to earth.
- PropertyWTF.com.my forumer “Luk7”

I dun normally be able to complete a book in 1-2 days except for fantasy novels or Mario Puzo's...but this is the first time I read a typical 'old-guy-type' investment book that albeit a few jargon; is easy enough for me to digest, summarize and plan my future financial freedom in 1 1/2 days
- Ilham Rustam

I just completed reading your book within 6 hours. A personal record for me!
- Anwar Abit

Thank you for writing such a valuable book. It serves as a case study for many of us. Your lot of hard earned wisdom and your step by step system that you gained from the school of hard knocks are much appreciated.
- BE Wong

This book is definitely worth a place in every bookshelf. Great lessons on smart investing, perseverance and out of box thinking. A must have if you wish to elevate your knowledge and mind.
- Cheong Mei Yee

I need to say thank you. Words alone cant show my gratitude from what you have offered to share. You have changed the lives of people like me. Look forward to more knowledge sharing from you. Keep it up!
- Erica Wong

simple and easy to understand. Most importantly, very practical. Should have bought this book before I started buying my 1st property in Klang Valley.
- Kenny Lai

I found its very different than other books written by our local property investors or guru. The book is a very practical guide to our local property market.
- Patrick

Insightful book which sheds light on property investment, with many real life experiences explained in great detail. Good reading for all.
- Chee Fook Choy

I think it's an astounding books and full of properties investment information that others will need.
- Peter Chin

I've read it twice and even my wife enjoys reading it.
- Mazli Murshid

I always have an interest in properties. WTF was a simple book and it made me understand how to go about looking for a good buy. very simple and straight to the point. im 22 and this book is my new bible. Faizul u r an inspiration.
- Stasha Rina

I have just finished reading your book and it truly inspires those of us that have been running the rat race to wake up and take control of our life...the easy manner in which you had accomplished so much still astounds me....the fact that your book is so relevant to us as you're just a regular joe like one of us....
- Vishalan Govan

Using a simple language, the author reiterated that you don't need to have a five-figure salary to amass dozens of properties, all you have to do is to apply a creative financing, see what other's can't see, live frugally, job-hopping to increase one's cash flow...
- Raja Noor Izzuddin

Highly recommended for anyone interested in property investment especially newbie. Fazul shared his life experience along with solid facts, calculations and tips.
- Teh Siok Cheng

Truly inspiring! The author has proven that with creative financing, anyone can build a multi million dollar property portfolio.
- Kar Shian Suen

Seriously amazed by the extend of details and homework Faizul did before entering a deal. Kudos and admire the mantra, network network network
- Chin Loon

This book is a must buy for anyone interested in investing in properties. Among the best property investment book I've read so far.
- Fahmi Zakariah

Just finish reading...the book is different from other property investment book. The knowledge and method is put in such a way that it is easy to understand. The lesson learnt shared based on the experience were priceless. Its a must buy to those who interested in making money from properties.
- Yusof Ucop

The biggest take home message from the book is definitely the importance of goal setting and discipline towards achieving anything in life. If you're looking for an investment journey story, ideas and straight-to-the-gut sharing from the man who dare to chase his dream then look no further than WTF for inspiration.
- Kenny Lee

This book has not only totally change my thought on property investment, but also have been guiding plan for other things in life too.
- MLH Man

Chapter 8 brings a new meaning on property investment re to build up networking rather than old school mantra location, location, location.
- Akmal Nasir

A refreshing approach to writing an property investment book - almost tongue in cheek like. Only half way through your book but I have already recommended it to 3 young engineers at the office.

After I read your book, I know that I don’t have the right knowledge, experience, nor a proper way on how to invest in property market.
- Azreen Abu Bakar

Read your book with much awe and respect for your foresight and courage.
- Ng Kian Mun, Ken

Sangat memuaskan, mudah difahami dan kena pada mereka yang diperingkat baru hendak bertatih & berjinak-jinak. Terbaik!
Abdul Jabbar

Just finished reading the book.....it was insightful, inspiring, touching and surreal.... a must read for those investing in local property
- PropertyWTF former.com.my “Jet”

Finished your book in less than two days and I must say it is a very very good "story" book of your journey thus far. Your discipline is unbelievably strong!
- Jeff Extriminatus

And really impress with the content .. Serious it's exciting see how u plan and execute all the deals . :)
- Darren Wong

After I read your book, I know that I don’t have the right knowledge, experience, nor a proper way on how to invest in property market.
- Azreen Abu Bakar

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